Best 10,000 Watt Generator

Best 10,000 Watt Generator 2019 Reviews

Looking for a portable generator? Many people today, who live in rural parts of the country, depend on electric pumps in order to have water. What happens if a tornado hits, and there is no more power? In that case people can use a portable generator which can make a difference between living miserably or by getting on with their lives. The generators on this page are powerful enough to run your entire house. If you are planning on using a portable generator at your home in a case of emergency, make sure that you have a certified electrician to help you. An electrician could help you to write up pre–shutdown checklist and a pre–start checklist. That is very important.

If something bad happens like a tornado or alike, you are not likely to remember all the thing you need to do. And sometimes those little things can mean a lot.Learn which generator to choose.

DuroMax XP10000E, 8000 Running Watts/10000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Quality, design and strength

The overall quality and design of this particular portable generator is of high quality and has an impeccable design. It weighs 249lb, but customer reviews on Amazon indicate that when ordering from Amazon, the delivery service was helpful about placing the generator in the desired position. It is rated at 8000 Watts and has 10,000 Watt surge capability. With an 8.3 gallon gas tank it is capable of providing hours of power and an automatic low oil shut off. This portable generator runs quietly. The price and the quality seem to be fair. This portable generator is very easy to assemble. It has to be filled with gas and oil. When you have all that set, you are ready to rock and roll. All you have to do now is to turn on the gas valve.

The XP10000E’s power panel is fitted with various plugs:

  • two 120-volt, 20-amp standard household outlets
  • one 120/240-volt, 30-amp twist lock outlet for high-powered tools
  • a 12-volt DC output with leads is useful for charging batteries
  • one 120-volt, 30-amp twist lock outlet
  • a 120/240-volt, 50-amp heavy duty outlet (NEMA 14-50 3-pole, 4-wire).

Minor quirks

The battery connection and the legs are placed in a very difficult to reach spot, so it may take you some time to attach the legs and the negative battery terminal.

The overall picture

This portable generator has some great reviews, over a period it has shown itself to be reliable, durable and efficient. When preparing for purchasing a generator, you have to think things through.

Sportsman GEN10K

Sportsman GEN10K, 7000 Running Watts/10000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Quality and appearance

This piece of machinery, a portable generator can operate air compressors, air conditioners and basic home power. This is the latest piece of equipment. Very heavy and durable. Efficient and long lasting. The assembling is easy and simple. Done in a few steps. The overall appearance is of high quality and built to serve for years to come. Fast and economical.

Minor setbacks

This particular generator is a bit loud. So be prepared if planning to buy. But if you are in need of such device and if that device can help your household to maintain power, then a little noise will not hurt anyone.  Other that that, everything else seems to be in a perfect order.

The overall picture

Like already said; before purchasing think about your needs and how much power you relatively need. Not every generator is suitable for every home. This one is very powerful and mighty. It comes with a heavy duty frame, and the rated wattage is 10000 watts and 8000 surge capacity. That means you are dealing with a powerful unit.

Durostar DS10000E

Durostar DS10000E, 8000 Running Watts/10000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Quality and appearance

This product is a 10,000 Watt portable generator and can provide power to major household and power tools plus appliances. It weights 270lb. It has an 8 gallon gas tank, which gives an 8 hour run time on 50% load. It can provide power during blackouts. It comes equipped with one 120 Volt twist lock outlet, one DC terminal for battery charging (12 volts), four 120 volts outlets and one 120/140 volt twist lock outlet. It is a powerful machine, and it is powered by unleaded gas. If a catastrophe happens, and the power goes down, you needn’t worry.

The overall picture

The Amazon customer reviews for this generator are slightly better for this generator than the DuroMax XP10000E, described above, but this generator also costs quite a lot more. This is a powerful “toy” and suitable for a large space, a huge family home or a small apartment building. “This thing is a complete work horse. It ran my 5k house for days after hurricane Sandy. Great buy but it is heavy” said one review.


When in the market for a new portable generator there are a few things you need to consider. You have to be sure about how much power you need. That is the basic to everything. Do the research on of your own and read some reviews and try to get a whole picture. There are some other things you need to have in mind when browsing for a new portable generator. For example; you should learn about power and fuel performance, safety features, control panel features, and of course help and support. These are all very relevant matters that need to be looked. There are many portable refrigerators available, but do not get carried away and do not order upon the looks. The features are most important and of course customer support if something goes bad. Therefore, have more than just one look at the product. Do your research.

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