How to replace your own furnace draft inducer motor and save money

How to replace your own furnace

When your furnace goes wrong, you could save money on the cost of the repair and replace your own draft inducer motor. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need to buy a replacement draft inducer blower assembly and you can save substantially on the over $300 that a dealer would charge to supply the part and replace it!

By buying your replacement inducer assembly from Amazon, you have two advantages:

  1. Low price — normally prices on Amazon are far below what your local dealer would charge
  2. Normally you get free delivery and the product will show up quickly.

How to replace it

The furnace draft inducer assembly is a small fan powered by a 120Vac furnace draft inducer motor that forces air through the heat exchanger of the furnace sending it out of the furnace via a vent pipe. The inducer’s purpose is to create a draft through the furnace and the motor is powered from the furnace control board. Before replacing it, it is important to verify that it has failed. It has a pressure switch that will open if the pipe is blocked with something. When the pressure switch is closed, the furnace will continue to operate. Packard 66350 Draft Inducer

If the inducer motor does not operate when the switch is closed, but the motor is hot, it needs replacing. If the motor is not hot, before replacing the motor, check that power is reaching the motor, otherwise you may be replacing a working inducer motor.

This video shows you how to replace the induce assembly–which is quite easy:

Best selling Draft Inducer Blower Assemblies on Amazon

Most of the inducer blower assemblies on Amazon have 5 star customer reviews.  This shows that buyers on Amazon are happy with their purchases–usually because the product was exactly what they needed and it was easy to install. In order to find out which replacement inducer blower to buy, look at the label on your old inducer blower for the band name and model number.

One buyer said:
“Awesome Seller & Product!!! Two local businesses wanted $340 and $250 for this item. CSH Inc. sold it, delivered, for $96! Uninstalling the old unit and installing this one took less than 30 minutes! Thank GOD for Amazon and CSH Inc. … we now have heat in our house for less than $100 instead of the, expected, over $400 installed by a service tech. ”

Below are some of the more popular Furnace Draft Inducer Blower Assemblies on Amazon–I suggest you look at these to see which one is suitable for your furnace.

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