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Neato Robotics has become well-known for its robotic vacuum cleaners, since the introduction of their XV series in 2010. However, the Neato company has worked out some of the previous XV model glitches, and added some extra advanced features in their Botvac series which were first introduced in 2014.

In this review we will be evaluating the Neato Botvac 80. It is a new robot vacuum that promises the type of automation we have been wanting out of a vacuum cleaner, less glitches, better design, and more powerful cleaning ability.

Forbes magazine proclaimed this bot in early 2014 as ‘the one you have been waiting for‘ and says “the Neato 80 Blows any Roomba vac away in performance, quality, design, and robot smarts.”

So how does this Botvac measure up against the previous XV models and is it really better than the Roomba 800’s?

Read further as we give you the unbiased, brutal facts on one of the latest Neato vacuum bot models to hit the market…

The Neato Botvac 80 is an allergy reducing, pet oriented automated vacuum that works in navigation by a scan & map laser point system which has been a standard for all Neato bots since their origination. This navigation system is what helps Neato bots to clean in a uniformed fashion, and to not get lost as often as some of the other models we have reviewed thus far.

Its sweeping functions are led by a unique brush combination system- standard bristles with plastic blades. This allows the machine to sweep up, extract or ‘brush’ up excess dirt and hair into the machine as its powerful suctioning mechanism transfers the dirt into the filter, and further into the trash bin.

The Neato Botvac 80 is a viable contender with the Roomba 800 series models which essentially has been upgraded with features from the former XV Neato bots.

It has been also designed and developed to reduce some of the issues that consumers mentioned with the XV series, such as noise, short battery-life, trash bin popping up, improved suction, less scattering of dust and dirt with a special vent system and more.

Customer Reviews & Feedback


Neato Botvac 80 star61% of 4-5 star ratings:
As far as Neato models and ratings go, the Neato Botvac 80 has received the highest percentage of 4-5 star reviews from buyers in comparison to the XV’s. Customers have provided this ratings based on a few key best features including: spot on room mapping functions, obstacle bump memory, powerful suction ability, reduction of dirt and debris, and overall performance to clean corners and crevices without ‘glitching’ out.

16% of 2-3 Star Ratings:
Those Neato 80 buyers that rated this bot with 2-3 stars noted that this vacuum cleaned essentially well, but that the process of updating the firmware that makes this bot ‘smart’ is confusing and complex. Also customers complained that filters had to be cleaned very often, and that the magnetic strip as a barrier system for cleaning did not compare to the Roomba 880’s lighthouse/virtual wall barrier system.

23% of 1 Star Ratings:
Among the 23% of 1 star ratings given for the Neato 80 Botvac by customers it was noted that this vacuum cleaned well- when it wanted to. Many consumers remarked that they received faulty vacuum machines, with vacuums throwing errors, not navigating straight walls, and not working well after extended use.

YouTube reviews:

Product Features

The Neato Botvac 80 features a unique design from other brands of vacuum bots. It is shaped in the form of an upside-down you on the top, and square on the bottom. It is whitish grey with a darker grey rim around its edges, and has a turquoise blue exhaust vent. It tips the scales at about 8 pounds, measures 13.2 in width, 12.7 in in diameter, and stands about 3.9 inches in height.


The Botvac 80 by Neato Robotics was essentially developed to improve and remedy the cleaning performance features of the XV models. It is designed to clean all types of floor surfaces more proficiently and is reported to even be able to handle ‘sheepskin’ rugs and carpets that consist of a high-pile.

The Botvac 80’s features an advanced combo-brush/blade design that works diligently to break up dirt and debris that can be ground in or remain untouched by other means of floor cleaners. Its brushes are also said to reach deeper in corners and crevices to clean and cover floor surfaces more efficiently.

Its filter is a tad of an upgrade from former models, and is more readily designed to really capture particles, pet hair, and debris from floor areas. That with its powerful suction and propel function of its strong motor enables it to collect more dirt than what was capable in the XV-21, XV Signature standard, and XV Signature Standard Pro.

According to user reviews and testimonies, the Neato Botvac 80 appears to have up to double the suction power that the old XV models. It performs much better to reduce allergens and pet hair and boasts a new exhaust vent system that allows it to scatter less debris while in cleaning mode. However, other users have noted that this bot’s cleaning power still does not measure up to the ability of the Roomba 880.


Neato vacuum robots all have a patented, unique navigation technology that is based around a built-in laser-point, map, and scan system. The Neato 80 bot is not any different in this facet than the XV series models.

Neato Robotics does claim that they improved the intelligence of this bot to decipher obstacles, map out floor spaces to clean, and to also be more efficient at navigating via different flooring types.

Consumers really take to the fact that this bot cleans in a very uniformed fashion and leaves track marks- just as if you had manually cleaned it with a standard vacuum cleaner.

However, the newly heightened sensitivity of navigational sensors in this bot have received mixed reports of causing more havoc with errors and getting lost more frequently than in the XV models or other brands such as the Roomba bots.

Magnetic Strip Boundary Marking Accessory: Similar to the XV models you will get a roll of magnetic strip tape with your purchase of the Neato Botvac 80. This tape allows you to barricade off spaces in your home which YOU DO NOT WANT the machine to clean or access.

Programming & Digital Functions

The Neato BotVac 80 includes all of the other programming and digital functions as the other models previously had. It can be programmed to clean a spot, clean 7x a week automatically, and also will pursue its dock when battery runs low or finished cleaning.

Additionally, it will return to the space it last pursued or could not complete if it was indicative of a low battery and that it needed to charge- upon recharging itself. It will also return to its base if its cleaning function has completed.

The Botvac 80 also boasts the ability to upgrade the bot’s firmware which allows it to function and perform even better as updates on the firmware are introduced. However, some consumers have stated that the process of firmware updates can be arduous and confusing.

Every function or programming feature must be done by accessing the vac itself, however the LCD panel on the machine helps communicates with the user through codes to notify them of a full trash bin, low battery, or other unknown errors that may cause the bot not to perform as expected.

Improved Battery Life

One of the main beefs about the Neato bots in the XV model series that consumers complained about is the fact that Neato XV vacs just did not have a lasting battery life. They would clean for an hour and have to recharge for a few hours to work properly.

The Neato Botvac 80’s battery life is much improved according to reviewers. It does not take as much recharge time, and also can now clean for about 2-3 hours before it goes back to the dock to recharge.


What’s in the Package

When you purchase the Neato BotVac 80 model, the following elements should be included in your package:

  • The Neato BotVac 80 Machine
  • Charging Base/Dock
  • Charge Cord for the Base to Machine
  • Side Brush
  • Combo Brush/Blade
  • 1 High-Performance Filter
  • 1 Roll of Magnetic Strip Boundary Marking Tape
  • Battery (6-month warranty) included

Product Replacements and Accessories

Neato offers a number of all-inclusive of purchase accessories and parts with the Botvac 80 model, however in certain circumstance and requiring situations- you will need to purchase replacement parts and accessories to assure its continued optimal performance.

Battery- Your battery includes a 6 month warranty, however after expiration you will have to buy one to keep up the life and optimal charge of it with extended use.

Filter- Your bot comes with a single filter that can be manually cleaned regularly, but after about 8 weeks of use you will need to replace it for your bot to pick up pet hair and dust proficiently.

Brush Kits: If for some reason your brushes get damaged or are not working up to par, Neato offers replacement brushes for this model for a decent price.

Charging Base/Dock: An additional base/dock can be purchased if needed and if your dock base is not working properly after the warranty on the machine itself has expired.

Magnetic Strip Tape: The tape that enables your Neato to detect where it should not clean can be purchased individually when your first supply runs out.

Warranty & Support


The Warranty on the Neato Botvac 80 includesa 6 month warranty on the battery & and a 1-year (limited) warranty on the machine.

For more warranty information & details, and customer service inquiries contact Neato Robotics with details provided below OR if purchased through Amazon contact the seller direct for the best service.

Neato Robotics Company Support info:

  • By Phone.
  • By Email.
  • Live Chat.
  • Online FAQs and tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsWe are certain that you may have many questions about this bot vacuum that you want answered before pursuing a purchase, so in order to address the most popular ones we have them listed with answers below:

Whats the big difference in the XV models and this Botvac model?

The Neato Botvac 80 is equipped to better handle more of a variety of flooring terrain, it is also is said to have better suction than the XV series models. Additionally the Botvac 80 has a longer lasting battery life, and does not appear to have problems with the trash bin popping up and sending errors like the XV models have had in the past.

Can I program and schedule the Botvac 80 to spot clean and clean on days where I am not home?

This vacuum bot does have those features similar to all other bots on the market it can be scheduled to clean without supervision, and it does boast a spot cleaning mode.

Is this vacuum quieter than the other Neato models?

Yes. It appears that Neato notably improved the loudness factor of their XV models in the Botvac series models.

How does this model perform with edges, corners, and tight spaces among walls and furniture?

According to reviews, it does pretty well getting in crevices and tight spaces for a more thorough cleaning spaces. Although a few poor ratings were provided that noted sometimes this bot glitches on straight walls and misses spots there because.

Does it have a decent battery life-span?

As former Neato models received an innumerable amount of complains on the battery life and charge span- Neato advanced the battery power in the Botvac 80 and now this model dons a longer charge up to 2-3 hours.

Is the Neato Botvac 80 better or worse than the Roomba 880?

This solely per preference and opinion. We found in many reviews some claimed that the Neato Botvac 80 was better than the Roomba 880, but in many others consumers stated that they would rather pay more money to have the overall performance and quality of the Roomba 880.

What do consumers like most about the Neato Botvac 80?

It is apparent that users and consumers liked the suction power and ability for the Neato Botvac 80 to clean pet hair, allergens.

What is the difference in the Botvac 80 and the other Neato Botvac models?

There are very few differences in all of the Botvac models 70e, 75, & 80 with a few major ones being their price, the extra accessories included, their battery power, and what terrain of flooring they work best on. Also the new D series Neatos boast a spiral brush instead of just the combo brush, and have sleek new colorful designs and upgrades.

Is the Botvac 80 efficient for a home with a lot of pets?

From our perspective, the Botvac appears to be most effective for homes that house a number of different pets.

Does the Neato Botvac 80 come with a remote control?

The Neato models in all of their bots do not include or have a remote control. Perhaps the Neato company keeps their costs down on the bots buy sparing this feature of their robotic vacuums.


  • Trash bin situation remedied from the former XV models
  • Much quieter than other Neato bots released
  • Longer battery life (up to 2 hours)
  • Cleans uniformed and leaves track marks
  • Boasts a more profound suction power
  • Cleans better on a wide variety of floor terrain (sheepskin, terrazzo, wood, laminate, high pile carpet


  • More sensitive, glitches on straight walls and gets stuck or lost often
  • The exhaust causes debris to scatter in cleaning mode
  • The system to update the firmware is confusing and difficult
  • The magnetic tape is a poor method of blocking spaces

Neato Robotics Company Profile

Neato RoboticsNeato Robotics was founded in 2005 and released their XV models in 2010 and there further. Most recently their Botvac series models has taken precedence and popularity in the market. Since their release in 2014, the Botvac models have garnered a vast amount of attention for marked improvements in sound, function, battery life, and overall performance and has helped Neato to form a well-established space in the market of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Neato Robotics Botvac 80: Final Recommendation

Neato Robotics surely improved many features of their Neato XV series models when they developed and designed the Neato Botvac80. From our investigative research it is apparent that this bot runs much quieter, cleans 50% better, and also runs better with a longer battery life.

However, noted pit-sides of this model such as the requirement of updating its firmware, its sensitivity in terms of navigation, and the limited barricading function of the magnetic tape seems to be problematic according to some consumers.

Although it is priced relatively affordable at $399 on average, if you want the full extreme ‘bells and whistles’ with this model, it may be justified to just pay the upscale of cost for the Roomba 880 or you could be the rarity in the mix that really just likes what this Neato vac can bring you.

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