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 Neato Robotics XV Signature Robotic Vacuum

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When you consider robotic cleaning vacuums, you assume that all of them are Roombas produced by iRobot, however there is another company that has garnered a vast amount of attention and merit for producing high-quality robotic vacuum machines, the Neato Robotics Company.

The Neato XV Signature vacuum robot is a model that was first released in 2013, but Neato also released a flagship model at the same time termed as the Neato XV Signature Pro (note: these are two different model versions.)

The Neato XV Signature’s functions and performance can be equally compared to the Roomba latter 780/790 models as its marketing aim is surrounded by its ability to reduce pet dander, hair and airborne allergens. It also was designed to work especially well with vacuuming up debris, dust, and dirt from hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpets with low pile ratio.

This automated suction device will run you on average about $399 (in some cases less depending on discounts from retailers.)

The Neato XV Signature Robot was designed with low-maintenance and ease of use in mind for the open consumer.

It can be programmed with the simple press of a button that highlights actual words instead of symbols or lights that blink on the machines exterior, front LCD panel (leading the user to designate functions in a clear-precise manner.)

It runs its navigation mechanisms through a laser-point and search, range-predictor system that is located in the upper part of the machines compartments.

According to many reviews, the Neato XV Signature is very proficient at judging space and distance and detecting objects, dirt, obstacles, and cliffs.

This makes it very appealing for those who do not want a robotic vacuum that gets lost easy or stuck. It also navigates for this reason from different floor surfaces, and in-between, underneath and amongst objects diligently. The user can also employ the magnetic strip/tape included with purchase to mark off certain areas from being pursued and cleaned.

For the Signature XV & XV Pro models, a newer suction system was put into place, which Neato suggests is double the cleaning power of their XV-21 Model. It has a solitary brush system and filtration system that assists it to additionally extract more dust, hair, and allergens from floor surfaces.

Customer Reviews & Feedback


Neato XV has received66% of 4-5 star ratings:
One of the most pronounced in user reviews, best feature of the Neato XV Signature is how well it really does clean floors, pet hair, and dirt overall. Some say it cleans better than a standard vacuum cleaner or ‘teenager’, while others remarked that it picks up where it leaves off, returns to its station, is gentle on baseboards and furniture and does not get lost or stuck often.

16% of 2-3 Star Ratings:
The majority of 2-3 star ratings were provided by buyers of the Neato XV Signature because of it requiring frequent trash bin emptying, the trash bin popping up, and some occasional error signals. Other mixed reviews noted that the short & limited battery life and charge of this Neato were of great detriment to the bots overall ability to clean and perform.

18% of 1 Star Ratings:
The small percentage of buyers that gave a 1 star rating for the Neato XV Signature remarked mainly over the system’s loudness (which is actually the brushes not the cleaning bot itself.) Additionally, some users stated their experiences with this Neato model were riddled with problems such as missing parts in package, it getting stuck or lost, and the dirt bin popping out or up.

Product Features

Neato Robotics XV Signature Robotic VacuumThe Neato XV Signature bot features an all-matte, black color design that is shaped square in the back and has two rounded corners (circular in the front of the machine.)

It weighs 8.6 pounds and measures 12.5 inches in length, 13 inches in diameter, and stands 4 inches in height.


The Neato XV Signature consists of a powerful suction system that is said to be an upgrade from the XV-25 model’s cleaning capabilities. Its bladed brush sweeps the floor while the suction extracts it and transfers it to the bin as it is in motion.

According to ratings and reviews this model is effective at cleaning 80-90% of dirt and debris off floor surfaces. It also is equipped with a high performance filter that reduces allergens, pet hair, and dust more efficiently.

However, in comparison to the Neato XV Signature Pro it handles less than respectable in regards to carpets that consist of a high-pile. The Neato XV Signature is built more for low-pile carpets, laminate and hardwood floors, and other flatter surfaces- and Neato Robotics has made this point clear in the product description and through their marketing efforts.


The navigation of the Neato XV Signature is powered by a unique laser fueled technology that allows the bot to map and scan the room to initiate the best cleaning agenda leaving it to avoid obstacles, navigate room to room, and develop a plan of attack on the best segue cleaning spree.

It knows where it needs to clean, where it has been, and what it still needs to tackle. Another feature of the Neato’s technology that users remarked on is that it will run out of battery life, recharge itself, and then pursue the location at which it last left off.

* The magnetic strip tape included in your purchase can provide you with the added convenience of barricading areas which you do not want the bot to pursue cleaning. It’s as easy as taping off a doorway or placing the strip strategically around obstacles.

Digital Controls

First of all the Neato XV Signature does not come with a remote control. It has a square LCD panel located on the right side of the machine that uses words as indications to communicate with you.

As far as the ease of use of this feature, users like having the words spelled out for them when programming the machine to clean, or to troubleshoot an issue- instead of symbols or flashing lights like most other brands of bots have.

It can be programmed to clean up to 7 days a week, has spot mode, will inform you when trash bin needs to be emptied, and also read error messages when it has problems.

This video shows the Neato Vacuum performing a ‘Spot Clean’ before returning to the charging base.

What’s in the Package

When you order the Neato XV Signature you will receive in box the following items:

  • The Neato XV Signature Vacuum Bot
  • Charging Base/Dock
  • Cord for the Base
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Filter
  • Battery (6-month warranty)
  • Magnetic Strip Tape (For Boundary Marking)

Product Replacements and Accessories

From time to time you will need to replace certain accessories and parts for your Neato XV Signature bot to assure it continues to run smoothly and perform top-notch.

Replacement Battery: Both batteries must be replaced at the same time. Six Month Manufacturers Limited Warranty.

Charging Base/Dock: You can purchase an added base/dock for this Neato model through many sources for instances where your house is larger or you just want that added convenience.

Extra Brushes: Brushes get worn down after long-term use, however you can buy replacement brushes for your Neato for an inexpensive cost.

Extra Filters: The filter provided with the purchase of your bot will need to be replaced anywhere from 4-12 weeks after its first initial use.

Magnetic Strip Tape: The tape that enables your Neato to detect where it should not clean can be purchased individually when your first supply runs out.

Warranty & Support


The Warranty on the Neato XV Signature include a 1-year limited warranty on the vacuum cleaner itself, and a 6 month warranty on the battery.

For more warranty information & details, and customer service inquiries contact Neato Robotics with details provided below OR if purchased through Amazon contact the seller direct for the best service.


  • By Phone.
  • By Email.
  • Live Chat.
  • Online FAQs and tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are literally thousands of questions asked on a regular basis regarding the Neato XV Signature vacuum robot. Here are a few of the most popular ones with relevant answers:

How well does it handle hardwood floors?

The Neato XV Signature was actually designed to work very well on cleaning and suctioning up dirt and debris from hardwood floors.

Is the trash bin ample for a home with several shedding pets?

The trash bin is small and you may need to empty it frequently especially if your home has several pets living in it and if your floors get dirty often.

Does it scratch baseboards or cause damage to floors or furniture?

According to most users this Neato is very gentle on baseboards, floors, and furniture. It detects them and either stops and pursues other spaces or it glides among obstacles and floor spaces without causing marks, scratches, or any damage.

Is it real noisy when it is cleaning?

Well Yes. This bot in comparison to other models tends to be one of the loudest. It cleans well, and actually the noise is not derived from the machine itself – but from the sweeping motion of the brushes.

Does it clean uniformed or in a random pattern?

According to our research and comparison to the Roomba bots, the Neato does clean in a less random pattern. This is most likely due to the laser technology that helps to navigate the bot while it cleans. It leaves fine, aligned track marks that looks as if the room was manually vacuumed in most cases.

Is the Neato XV Signature well built?

In tests and in reviews- the Neato XV Signature has come out with good ratings with its design, durability, and longevity with extended use.

How long will the battery last before I have to replace it?

The battery will run down after extended use and not last as long. You have a warranty on it for 6 months which the company will ship and pay for you a new battery if your battery does not work properly in that time frame. After that time period you will need to purchase a new battery for it periodically from 6-8 months of use.

Whats the difference in the Neato XV Signature and the Neato XV Signature Pro?

There are only a couple of distinct differences of the two models. The Pro has 2 brushes included in accessories when purchased and is made for shag carpets and handles carpets with high pile more proficiently- whereas the standard Signature includes one brush, and is built for flatter flooring.

Does the Neato XV Signature have a spot cleaning mode like most Roombas?

Yes. It does have the spot cleaning mode similar to the Roomba bots so that you can program it to clean a certain area repeatedly within a certain ratio of space from its location.

When the battery runs down will it just stop, or will it return to its base to charge?

It’s is automated with technology and sensors that assist it in detecting when battery is low, when it needs to go back to base to recharge, and where it last cleaned. It will not only return to its base when needing to charge up, it will when charged pursue the last floor space it did not completely clean.

The Upside of Using the Neato XV Signature

  • Navigates from floor space to floor space, under objects, around obstacles without too much problem getting stuck or lost
  • Priced affordably in comparison to other new models of vacuum robots
  • Re-docks itself consistently as needed and picks up where it left off cleaning when recharged
  • Picks up surprising amounts of dirt, dust, debris, and hair effectively- just as manufacturer claims it should
  • Very easy to program, use, and maintenance
  • Cleans in an organized matter (leaves clean track marks)

The Downside of the Neato XV Signature

  • Occasional error signals – Some users stated their experiences with this Neato model were riddled with problems
  • Short & limited battery life – Lots of battery charging for it to run full power
  • Loud
  • Small trash bin (requires frequent emptying)
  • Does not work well on high-pile carpets
  • Is a little dated for the market of robotic vacuums right now

Neato Robotics – Company Profile & Info

neato_robotics_xvNeato Robotics is a company that first introduced the Neato XV series vacuum cleaning bots in 2010, but was first founded in 2005. The company itself resides in Newark, California although it outsources for its part through vendors in China.

It has since released 6 models of the Neato Vacuum bots, and in 2014 it launched the BotVac series that is more advanced than the XV’s. Neato robot vacuums are sold all over the world and continue to be firm contenders to the other popular vacuum bot brands for their uniqueness, quality, and affordability.

Neato XV Signature: Final Recommendation

The Neato XV Signature is a little dated for the market of robotic vacuums right now, but consumers are still praising it for its ability to clean very well in a uniformed manner without many issues. Its affordability being ½ the price of the latest vacuum bot models these days is one of the reasons those with a small budget should consider it.

However, if you have high-pile carpets you may want to consider the Neato Signature Pro (See review here.) Also, if you want a less loud, more powerful cleaning experience and have an unlimited budget you should consider some of the latest cleaning bots such as the Roomba 880.

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