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Neato Robotics has given every other brand of robotic vacs a run for their money since releasing their first line of XV models back in 2010. These bots are very affordable & much unique in their nature to clean, their design, navigation systems, and just the way they function and perform in general.

The Neato XV Signature Pro is a step up from the Neato XV Signature standard model released in 2013. It boasts a few different elements that prospective buyers should understand in comparison to Roomba’s former and current models, the standard Signature Neato, and even the older Neato XV models.

The Neato XV Signature Pro is marketed as a pet dander & hair, small particle, dust and dirt, allergen reducing automated, hands-free vacuum machine. Its performance in comparison (according to user reviews) – hands down trumps that of the standard XV Signature Neato model in ratings and commentary.

It will run you a trite more than 50$ (Under $1000) than the standard Neato XV Signature, but it may be worth the investment. So take a look at this in detail review of the Neato XV Signature Pro- and we will let you decide for yourself whether it is what every review and the manufacturer claims it is …

The Neato XV Signature Pro robotic vacuum is much like all of the other bot vacuums you see on the market. It has been developed to alleviate time-consuming vacuum chores where manual vacuuming can be very inconvenient and present itself as a major nuisance.

First of all, the Neato XV Signature Pro was developed and designed to remedy issues that other XV models have had and to also target what the Signature standard Neato was not built for– high-pile carpets and surfaces.

The navigation works on laser technology that detects floor spaces, dirt, and that actually maps out a course of action. In addition, it is also easily programmed for schedule cleanings, spot cleaning in a designated ratio of space, and was developed to alleviate such issues with bots getting lost, running out of battery etc.

It works with equal features of the Signature standard– but is designed essentially to suction up even more dirt, debris, dust, particles, and allergens then the formerly launched XV models- and it can do its job on a more wider-terrain of carpet and flooring.

It boasts all of the performance, efficiency, quality and features of cleaning, navigation, and ease of use as any other bot in the market of its time of release- and sometimes even holds its own to the most current and latest brands and versions.

Customer Reviews & Feedback


65% of 4-5 star ratings:
Yes, abnormally low high-ratings folks for most bots we have reviewed, but when you see the big picture it adds up. The reviewers and buyers that ranked the Neato XV Signature Pro like it because of its logic when cleaning in a uniformed manner and its ability to really collect invisible dirt, debris, and particles. Other good features noted in rave reviews is that it functions normally by not getting stuck, and returning to its base on whim when battery life is limited or when it is completely finished with cleaning mode.

15% of 2-3 Star Ratings:
The 2-3 star ratings provided for the Neato XV Signature Pro were given validation through customers complaining about the Neato’s poor battery life, stating that they have to move objects and furniture out of the way for it to clean properly, and for its inconsistency when used on carpets with longer threads and pile.

20% of 1 Star Ratings:
The high percentage of 1 star ratings the Neato XV Signature Pro garnered from consumers can be attributed to issues with faulty product, missing parts, poor battery life, noise intrusion, and that it does not always clean as much as expected.

YouTube reviews & Videos:

Product Features

The Neato XV Signature pro is designed for high-pile carpets and all types of floors

It is 13 inches wide, 12.5 inches in length, stands 4 inches tall, and weights in around 8.6 pounds.

It is designed almost exactly like the Neato XV Signature standard except it is black colored with gray highlights whereas the standard is all matte black.


The Neato XV Signature Pro is a step up from the XV-21 Neato model as it is said by tests and in reviews that it is more powerful at suctioning up debris, dirt, and dust. It also is more adapted to clean higher pile carpets than the standard signature model released at the very same time.

It breaks up dirt through a double bladed brush system that propels the dirt up as it is vacuumed off the floor. It possesses the same high performance filter as the Signature standard, and is marketed towards it reduction of pet dander and allergens.

According to reviews and ratings the cleaning power of the Neato XV Signature Pro is acceptable. Users remark that they are surprised that it captures and collects as much dirt as it does, even when the floor surfaces visibly appear to be clean.


One of the most important elements or features that any robotic vacuum should have is that of a keen system of navigation, and in concern of the Neato XV Signature Pro its navigation is keenly put together.

The navigation of the Neato XV Signature Pro is systematically ran on a laser-point technology that enables it to scan and address the floor space before it sets out on its journey to clean. It is 4 inches high so it can navigate underneath objects that are about 4 ½ inches and over in height.

This bot also boasts a type of ‘memory’ that allows it to clean in a more organized manner. If it does run out of battery time and is not finished cleaning a certain space it will return to recharge, charge itself at the base, remember what it needs to clean and will finish its cleaning task right where it left off.

There is also more versatility that can be used to help navigate your Neato Pro XV. With the boundary strip that comes with purchase a person can block off rooms or areas that they do not want to be cleaned or accessed by the bot.

Programming & Automations

The Neato XV Signature Pro has all of the functions most other bot vacuums do such as spot clean mode, scheduled cleaning, and more.

Its control panel on the top of the machine that is in LCD is a bit different than other makes and models as it reads error codes and full words- instead of using lights and symbols to communicate with you. This is one of the top features that enhance this machine’s appeal and ease of use rating.

What’s in the Package

When you order the Neato XV Signature Pro you will receive in box the following items:

  • The Neato XV Signature Pro Vacuum Bot
  • Battery (6-month warranty)
  • Charging Base/Dock
  • Cord for the Base
  • 2 Brushes
  • 1 Filter
  • Magnetic Strip Tape (For Boundary Marking)

Product Replacements and Accessories

You will occasionally be required to purchase replacement parts and accessories for your Neato XV Signature Pro by Neato Robotics. This helps to certify that it will perform and clean your floors optimally.

Extra Filters: The filter provided with the purchase of your bot will need to be replaced anywhere from 1-2 months after you first purchased your machine.

Replacement Battery: After 6 months your battery warranty will run out, you will have to then pay out of pocket to purchase a new one.

Charging Base/Dock: An additional base/dock can be purchased if needed and if your dock base is not working properly after the warranty on the machine itself has expired.

Extra Brushes: Brushes get worn down after long-term use, however you can buy replacement brushes for your Neato for an inexpensive cost.

Magnetic Strip Tape: The tape that enables your Neato to detect where it should not clean can be purchased individually when your first supply runs out.

Warranty & Support


The Warranty on the Neato XV Signature include a 1-year limited warranty on the vacuum cleaner itself, and a 6 month warranty on the battery.

For more warranty information & details, and customer service inquiries contact Neato Robotics with details provided below OR if purchased through Amazon contact the seller direct for the best service.


  • By Phone.
  • By Email.
  • Live Chat.
  • Online FAQs and tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsThere is an innumerable amount of questions that may be popping in your ahead about this bot, and to address some of the common ones we have listed them below with accurate answers:

Does it Vacuum carpets with high-pile pretty good?

The Neato XV Signature Pro is better built to handle higher pile carpets than the standard. It seems to work well according to consumers, although it will still get tangled up in shag and fringes.

Will I have to empty the trash bin very often?

The trash bin will get fuller faster than you think, especially if you have a home with children, lots of dust, and pets. So it may require you to tend to it often. But this is just a sign that it is working well to pick the dirt up that you can’t see

Do I have to move objects and cords?

According to most circumstances it is best that you prep your home and alleviate some obstacles and cords that may hinder your Neato from reaching spaces and cleaning them optimally.

How loud is this machine when cleaning?

Well Yes it is pretty noisy. The racket heard by the user is not derived from the machine itself – but from the sweeping motion of the brushes.

Does it get lost or stuck real often?

As robotic devices do sometimes the Neato XV Signature pro glitches out and does get stuck or stop, but consumers have remarked that in some ways this bot doesn’t get lost or stuck as often as other models and makes.

How does the Neato XV Signature and Neato Signature Pro differ?

The pro comes with an additional accessory brush, has gray and black, and also is made for higher pile carpets unlike the all black matte finish design on the standard, only includes on brush, and cannot handle high-pile carpet as efficiently.

Is the battery charge on this well lasting?

Not really. Consumers have been less than satisfied with the battery power and life of the charge on the Neato XV Pro.

Can I pre schedule and program the Neato Pro XV to clean?

Yes. This model allows you to spot clean, program it to clean 7 days a week, and more.

What is the best feature of the Neato XV Signature Pro?

From reviews we perused one of the best features we can note about this model is its cleaning power and ability to suction up a lot of dirt.

What is the magnetic strip used for that came with my Neato?

The strip roll included with your purchase is actually a special magnetic strip that your Neato uses to detect when it shouldn’t access or clean a specific space. This way it works to blockade and customize your cleaning experience.

The Upside of Using the Neato XV Signature Pro

  • The vacuum itself is powerful, and it does pick up quite a lot of dirt and dust
  • It works well for pet hair and allergens
  • Its navigation and ability to handle higher-pile carpets (even dark ones) is decent
  • LCD screen is easy to understand helps with troubleshooting and programming
  • It seldom glitches when running out of battery and remembers where it needs to go when charged

The Downside of the Neato XV Signature Pro

  • Loud and noisy
  • Limited battery power and short-lived charge
  • Runs on a lot of power (less energy efficient in comparison to others)
  • Gets stuck, eats cords, and requires prep before cleaning run
  • Trash Bin frequently pops up and appears faulty causes errors

Neato Robotics Company Profile & Info

neato_robotics_xvNeato Robotics was founded in 2005, but did not unleash its bot vacs on the market until 2010 when the first XV model was introduced to the market. Since then the company ran out of California has released 6 models and one advanced model named ‘BotVac’ in 2014. Neato Robotics is relatively new but it has made a reputable presence with its unique designs and models of robotic vacuum cleaners which are of good quality and that are priced to sell.

The Verdict: Neato XV Signature Pro

The Neato XV Signature Pro is an option for the consumer who needs a robotic vacuum that reduces pet hair and allergens, and a consumer who has different types of high-pile carpets, shag rugs, and other types of floor spaces. It’s an upgrade from the Neato XV standard which is mainly the same thing sans the fact that it works well with high-pile carpet.

This bot won’t set you back too much as it is medium priced and affordable, and according to most users it works as they expected.

However if you want something quiet, then you should maybe consider finding a bot model that runs silently. If money is not an option, then we suggest and recommend you take a look at some of the new, more advanced cleaning bots as they have less glitches than the dated models from 3 years ago such as the Roomba 880 model which has along battery life, a larger trash bin, runs quietly, and performed well in tests.

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